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Samsung: Australian Tab ban should be lifted

Samsung: Australian Tab ban is wrongful
Galaxy Tab - centre of the controversy

Samsung has appealed for the Australian ban on its Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablets to be overturned.

Citing errors of law, Samsung's legal team has insisted that the ban over alleged patent infringement is wrongful, despite a judge agreeing that Apple's intellectual property had been infringed.

The injunction was a preliminary one, but Samsung's lawyer Neil Young insisted that it was based on "irrelevant considerations".


The ban was handed down on 13 October, to the dismay of Samsung, who immediately indicated that they would fight against it.

Apple believes that Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 infringes on three of its patents, and has already rejected a deal offered by Samsung over the Australian market.

In the US, a judge has ruled that Apple's patents have been infringed against by Samsung, and there are also legal battles occurring in the European market.

Samsung's spat with Apple is by no means the only patent dispute going on – with most of the major players involved in some kind of legal proceedings.


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