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RIM: Buy two BlackBerry Playbooks get one free

PlayBook deal is another humbling for RIM

RIM is offering business customers a completely free BlackBerry PlayBook... when they buy two.

The 'Back to Business' promotion, which RIM says is aimed at kitting-out small businesses with PlayBooks will run from now until December 31st 2011.

The somewhat desperate attempt to shift some of RIM's over-flowing PlayBook inventory will include three free accessories per tablet.

Buyers will get a 6ft HDMI cable, a black leather sleeve and a charging pot absolutely gratis.

Software update delayed

The 'special offer' comes after RIM revealed, this week, that it would be delaying a much needed PlayBook software update until February 2012.

The PlayBook is yet to gain a native email application, while the long-promised Android app player remains a pipedream.

Week to forget

All-in-all, it has been another week to forget for the Canadian giant.

The software delays caused stocks to crash once again, while on Wednesday night it was hit with a class action lawsuit over the internet services outage which left millions without BBM and email earlier this month.

Tech Radar has contacted RIM to ascertain where this offer extends to UK businesses.

Via: SlashGear