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OnLive Desktop lands on Android tablets, brings Microsoft Office

Android users can get down to business

The OnLive desktop app first launched in January, offering iPad users remote access to a full version of Windows 7, including Microsoft Office.

Android tablet users can now join the Office party, "enjoying" Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, as well as Adobe Reader.

The service also promises cloud-enhanced web speeds of up to a gigabit, producing a cloud-accelerated connection that slashes page-loading and streaming speeds regardless of home Wi-Fi speeds.

Free basic service

The OnLive Desktop app is available now from the US Android Market for free, and there are a number of versions to suit your budget.

Desktop Standard is free, Desktop Plus is $4.99/month and Desktop Pro is coming soon at $9.99 along with 50GB of cloud storage. There will also be an Enterprise version for big businesses.

OnLive hasn't yet released details of when we'll see a UK offering, though we imagine it can't be far off.

You can see what we thought of OnLive Desktop on the iPad when we took it for a spin at CES in January, and check out the hype-tastic promo video for yourself on the OnLive Desktop site.