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New iPad heat issues shown off in video

New iPad vs iPad 2 heat issues revealed in video
Burn baby burn

We've heard numerous reports regarding temperature issues with the new iPad – with some saying that Apple's third generation tablet computer can heat up to a scorching 46 degrees Celsius (116 Farenheit).

Update: Although Apple reckons the temperature issue isn't really an issue at all, TechRadar has investigated the heat complaints with a 30 minute in-depth test, where we played Infinity Blade while running a number of applications in the back ground.

Update: After half an hour of solid gaming, with lots of multi-tasking action going on, our new iPad clocked a toasty 45.1 degrees Celsius (113.2 Farenheit).

And it burns burns burns, the iPad of fire

In our initial test (video below) we started up both the new iPad and the iPad 2 from cold, with the charger plugged in, and played Infinity Blade for 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes the iPad 2 recorded a high of 32.3 (90 Farenheit) and the new iPad running at 38.9 (102 Farenheit) - that's almost four degrees Celsius hotter than its own prescribed thermal specifications.

Thanks to Livingston for supplying TechRadar with the thermal imaging video camera.

John McCann
John McCann

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