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New Asus Transformer Prime pictures surface

New Asus Tranformer Prime pictures surface
A tablet cunningly disguised as a notebook

While a far-off glimpse of the impending Asus Transformer Prime might have sated our tablet hunger for a while, we're mighty glad to see some closer-up shots hit the 'net, taken by a sneaky tipster.

They aren't the world's best photos, but they do give us a better look at the tablet both with and without its keyboard dock.

If you're thinking it looks a little familiar, it's probably because you've seen the Asus ZenBook, which features the same brushed metal back panel.

Asus transformer prime

The spy shots also reveal what looks like an SD card slot and an LED flash alongside the camera sensor.

Asus transformer prime

Not much to add

The pictures don't give much away that we didn't already know – Asus CEO Jonney Shih has already explained that it will offer a 10-inch screen, a Kal-el processor (Nvidia Tegra 3, quad-core) and a thickness of just 8.9mm.

The official launch date for the Transformer Prime has been set for 9 November, so there's not long to get more of those juicy rumours and blurry-cam pics in.

In the market for a tablet but don't fancy the shiny stylings of the Transformer Prime? Our buyer's guide should see you right:

From Notebook Italia via Engadget

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