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Microsoft unveils utopian vision for connected future

Microsoft unveils utopian vision for connected future
Video calling isn't going to go away, then

We love a good future gaze as much as anyone, but not as much as Microsoft which has whipped up yet another exploration of future tech in video form.

The six-minute video posits that in the future pretty much everything will be a tablet, including your flip chart, your wall, your glasses and your fridge.

It's a neat little look at how things could pan out if we carry on the way we're going; basically, tablets will be king and everything else will be stored in the cloud.

Virtual reality

Smartphones won't have screens, they'll just be screens. Books won't have paper, they'll be, er, foldable tablets. People will barely need to own any stuff because everything but food and tablets will be virtual.

Not sure where Microsoft thinks we're going to get all the money from to make this come to life – some of us would struggled to scrape together £400 for a single iPad, let alone the eighty-four different cutting-edge devices you'll need to run your life this way – but as utopian visions for a completely connected future goes, it's a pretty good one.

Check out the video for yourself, below:

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