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iTunes U updated to allow unverified courses

The iPad is the backbone of Apple's education ambitions

An update to the iTunes U app has brought a number of small improvements, but also the ability for unverified teachers to create private courses.

A teacher can now sidestep Apple's verification process when creating a private course, though it won't appear in the main iTunes U collection and each teacher is limited to 12 courses with up to 50 students each and a total size of 20GB.

Teachers will still need verification to release a public course available to all.

Small tweaks to the virtual classroom

Other small changes include giving students the ability to take timestamped notes on screen while watching a video.

Apple's iTunes U catalogue now features 500,000 audio and video files from 1,000 universities and has seen 700 million total downloads.

The app itself, which was launched six months ago, has been downloaded 14 million times.

Via AllThingsD