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iPad 2 price slashed

iPad 2 price slashed
iPad 2 - golden oldie

UPDATE: Check out our Hands on: new iPad review

In the wake of the new iPad, the old iPad (that's the iPad 2, to its friends) has had something of a price cut.

You'll now be able to nab a 16GB Wi-Fi only iPad 2 for $399 in the States, which will comes out at £329 in the UK.

That is a crazily low amount of money for an Apple tablet – in fact, it's pretty low for any tablet – and could put paid to the rumours of a lower-cost iPad Mini to compete with the likes of the $199 Kindle Fire.

So you want an iPad but aren't sure whether the upgrade is worth forking out the extra cash? Watch our video comparison of the 2 models:

Sweet sixteen

It looks as though the iPad 2 will only be available in 16GB iterations though, with the Wi-Fi and 3G model coming in at $529 in the US and £429 in the UK.

That means there's only £70 between the 16GB Wi-Fi only iPad 2 and the 16 GB Wi-Fi only "new iPad" (or iPad 3, if you're old school).

If you're having trouble deciding which to plump for, you can check out all the many and varied features of the new iPad right here on TechRadar.

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