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India to launch 'world's cheapest' tablet

India to launch $35 tablet
Android-powered cheap tablet shocker

India - home of incredibly cheap cars - is set to release a $35 (£23) Android tablet, aimed at students and school children.

The tablet is known as Aakash - which means sky in Urdu - and has been developed by Datawind, a small British company.

Aakash will run Google's Android operating system and is subsidised by the Indian government.

An initial run of 100,000 tablets will be made available to students, before being manufactured in the millions over the next few months.

Made in India

The assembly of the device will take place in India, with the aim of increasing the mere eight per cent of it 1.2 billion population who have internet access.

"Soon, a $35 computer will be made available to every child in school," said telecoms and education minister Kapil Sibal. "The tablet shall help enhance the quality of learning of children."

Full specifications for the tablet have yet to be revealed, but we're guessing it'll be on the cheaper end of the Android scale, with a resistive plastic screen and a slow processor.

But it could also signal a revolution in tablets - the netbook has its roots in the similarly low budget One Laptop Per Child scheme.

via Reuters