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HP denies demise of webOS

HP says no to demise of webOS
WebOS - its future hangs in the balance

HP has rebuffed claims that it is to kill webOS completely, describing the claims as "unfounded rumour".

Todd Bradley, a former Palm chief executive and current executive vice president of HP personal systems group, took to Bloomberg to refute claims made by the Guardian last week.

"We're continuing to invest in webOS software, in fact last week we refreshed with a [software] update. Our next focus now that we've resolved the questions around the PC business is to determine how we'll best utilise webOS and those great software assets that we have," he said.

Utilise those assets

But as Engadget points out, there's nothing to stop HP deciding that the best use of webOS is to palm it off to the highest bidder.

The Guardian, last week quoted an anonymous HP employee working in the webOS division as saying, "There's a 95% chance we all get laid off between now and November, and I for one am thinking it's for the best."

For now, the future of webOS remains unclear – but not so HP's PC division which last week got a stay of execution after the company decided to continue making and selling desktops and notebooks.

Via PreCentral and Engadget

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