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Google to sell Asus and Samsung tablets?

Asus Transformer Prime
Asus' Transformer Prime could be on Google's stock list

Search giant Google could be setting up its own online shop selling Android tablets.

The Wall Street Journal suggests that Google may be revisiting its retail experiment that saw it selling the Google Nexus One phone from an online store.

The new store could stock tablets from Android leaders Asus and Samsung, perhaps using Google's store as a launch platform for new Jelly Bean-powered models. A Google-branded could even join the lineup.

In 2010, the company offered the Nexus One (aka Google phone) directly from its own website, only to halt the venture soon after launch.

Last online store folded

At the time Google's head of mobile, Andy Rubin, said: "while the global adoption of the Android platform has exceeded our expectations, the web store has not."

By combining with the Android ecosystem's big players Google could significantly boost the profile of its mobile OS and help it gain ground on Apple's iPad.

After a two year hiatus from the retail game, could Google really be ready to dip its toe into tablet sales?

From Wall Street Journal via Engadget