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Google Nexus 7 to give massive boost to Asus tablet sales

Google Nexus 7 hands massive boost to Asus tablet predictions
Nexus 7 - a big hit for Asus

The Google Nexus 7 could boost Asus' tablet shipments past 2.5 million units for the quarter, according to a report.

The Nexus 7 has attracted has interest globally, but there are suggestions that Google was relatively conservative in its early orders.

Given the £159 / $199 price point it's something of a surprise that Google was not more confident, but it sounds like Asus is prepared to scale up now that the orders are coming in.

The Google Nexus 7 is not Asus' only tablet product, but it's likely to make up the lion's share of shipments in the coming months.

6 million

Asus has indicated that it is trying to hit the key figure of 6 million tablets for the year, but after a slow start of 1.5 million for the first half the company will need to ramp things up if it is to achieve it.

The Nexus 7 demand is certainly going to help, with the early reviews for the powerful 7 inch tablet hugely positive, especially given the price tag.

TechRadar's own Google Nexus 7 review gave the device four and a half stars, and the indications are this is going to be a massive hit for both Google and Asus.

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