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Barnes & Noble CEO bows out in wake of de-Nook-inizing

Adios, Nook-chacho

First the Nook and now this: William Lynch is resigning as CEO and director of Barnes & Noble effective immediately.

Lynch's departure is accompanied by a number of executive shifts, with the most notable being Michael Huseby grabbing the helm as CEO of Nook Media and president of B&N. You can read the full swath of suited shuffles here, but you may need a primer to keep track of it all.

Board Chairman Leonard Riggio credited Lynch with transitioning the bookseller "into a leading digital content provider" as well as spearheading the development of its Nook product line. The chairman added that the company is reviewing its current strategic plan and an update on what that looks like is due "when appropriate."

Lynch's resignation comes just a few weeks after the company announced it would cease to manufacture its Nook tablets, instead relying on third-party makers to produce the devices. Where B&N goes from here is anyone's guess, but Mr. Lynch won't be along for the adventure.

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