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Barnes & Noble Nook dev day hints at UK launch

Barnes & Noble Nook dev day hints at UK launch
UK - up for some Nook(ie)

Barnes & Noble is hosting a developer day in London this month, offering up a workshop which will explain the process of creating apps for its Nook ereader.

The day, which strongly suggests that a Nook UK launch is round the corner, consists of a Nook Developer Workshop in the afternoon, then a panel which includes Barnes & Noble director of developer relations Claudia Romanini.

Finding a Nook

"Join Nook Developer for a workshop on Nook Apps," explained the invite.

"We will deep dive into all the technical aspects to help you distribute your apps on Nook tablets and cover the entire development process – from app creation to app submission.

"Learn how to quickly monetise your business in a storefront where, in the US, top-selling apps gross more than $100,000 in the first 30 days of sale."

There have been rumours for months now that Barnes & Noble is looking to get into the UK market and this event could well be one step closer to this.

The event takes place 19 March and has been organised by – head over there now to get all the details.

Via Wired UK and The Verge

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