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Apple iOS 7.1 brings tidings of unknown iPad models

Apple's iOS 7.1 update features support for unknown iPad models
New iPad model identifiers appear within iOS 7.1

As well as fully introducing CarPlay, tweaking the user interface and zapping some pesky bugs, Apple's newly released iOS 7.1 update also features support for some mystery iPads.

As spotted by iClarified, the new OS features update bundles for iPads under the model identifiers 4,3 and 4,6, which are yet to be officially acknowledged by the company.

The current iPad Air with Wi-Fi and its cellular extension are known as 4,1 and 4,2, while the iPad mini 2 models are identified as 4,4 and 4,5.

What these new model numbers mean remain to be seen, but it seems unlikely they represent brand new iPads in the traditional sense.

Silent boost?

In the past, Apple has been known to quietly boost the hardware within existing models using, for example, slightly different processor configurations when there's a component shortage.

It's also possible those unidentified models could be bound on the China Mobile network which, as Apple Insider points out, runs a unique TD-LTE 4G network and would require their own certification.

Have you downloaded iOS 7.1 for your existing iPhone, iPad or iPod touch yet? How are you finding the refined experience? Spotted any glitches yet? Let us know in the comments section below.