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Apple must rewrite and republish Samsung statement

Apple must rewrite and republish Samsung statement
Even Apple can't escape the long arm of the law

The UK courts aren't impressed with Apple's statement acknowledging that Samsung didn't copy the iPad, ordering it to rewrite and republish it within two days.

The passive agressive statement is currently hidden away on Apple's UK site and undermines the British judgement by citing German and American cases that found differently.

At the court of appeal this morning, a judge told Apple that this statement is "non-compliant" with its October ruling, and ordered the tech company to change the wording of the statement, put it on its homepage and use a larger font.

Two day rule

These changes must be carried out within 48 hours, although Apple tried to argue that it would take at least two weeks to put the changes into action, something one judge understandably said he "cannot believe".

Apple lost its case against Samsung in the UK, in which the fruity company alleged that Galaxy Tab range ripped off its iPad design.

Apple must now publish the statement on its homepage until December 14.

From the Guardian

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