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Apple admits new iPad shows 100% charge early

Apple admits new iPad shows 100% charge early
Fully charged, or not fully charged... that is the question

Apple has defended itself over criticism from new iPad users who claim the third-generation tablet shows it's fully charged before it actually is.

Various tests have revealed the new iPad continues charging after it claims to be 100 percent charged, which has led to confusion among owners who fear they are being misled.

Apple, which doesn't usually comment of these sorts of matters, said to AllThingsD that the new iPad uses the same charging process as its other iOS devices.

Nothing new about the charging process

Apple went on to confirm that its charging process (which features in the iPad, iPhone and iPod) allows its devices to maintain optimum charge.

This is achieved by the device displaying 100 per cent charge when it's nearly fully charged, then it will continue to charge to actual 100 per cent, discharge a small amount, then recharge to 100 per cent and the process is repeated. Got all that? Good.

So what is being said here? Well Apple has admitted that yes, the new iPad technically does say it's 100 per cent charged before it actually is, but thanks to its fancy charging process you don't need to worry. Phew.

From AllThingsD

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