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Amazon Kindle Fire 2 to feature bigger, better screen

Amazon Kindle Fire 2 to feature bigger, better screen
Muuuum, this screen is well outdated

Devs in the know have let slip that the Amazon Kindle Fire 2 will feature a much-improved screen with a slightly different shape.

The better display will feature a 1280 x 800 pixel resolution – a significant step up from the current 1024 x 600 pixel affair, as well as a new aspect ratio that will change the screen shape very slightly.

The screen details come from All Things D which had it from developers who Amazon briefed on the upgraded tablet so they can ready their apps for the second generation.

Fire pit

As well as the improved display, the Kindle Fire 2 will apparently come rocking a built-in camera and be thinner and lighter than its older sibling.

Amazon is said to be releasing the second generation of the tablet for launch in Q3 2012 (July-Sept) although the smart money is on an August release.

The first Kindle Fire never made it out of the US but the second iteration is expected to go global and take on increasing competition from the Google Nexus 7 and the much-rumoured iPad Mini.

From All Things D

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