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Amazon Kindle Fire 10.1-inch tablet coming in Q3?

Amazon Kindle Fire 10-inch tablet coming in Q3?
Amazon to upscale its tablet offering?

Amazon will launch a 10.1-inch iteration of its popular Kindle Fire tablet in the third quarter of 2012, according to new reports.

Digitimes reckons the company plans to take on the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 after cornering the 7-inch tablet market with the original Kindle Fire.

A 10.1-inch tablet, especially if priced similarly to the $199 (£125) Kindle Fire, may raise a few eyebrows over at Apple HQ, with the demand for cheap, functional tablets extremely high.

Apple itself is rumoured to be going after the Kindle Fire with a 7-inch iPad mini later this year.

8.9-inch model 'suspended'

Supposedly, Amazon had been planning a more modest size upgrade to 8.9-inches with its second offering, but that has now been shelved, says Digitimes.

Overall, the company expects to ship up to 40 million tablets in 2012. Not a bad return is it?

Via: Digitimes