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Sharp wants one million Galapagos tablet sales

Sharp Galapagos
Sharp Galapagos

Sharp believes that it can sell one million Galapagos tablets, but don't hold your breath for any UK availability.

Galapagos represents Sharp's big push into content delivery plus hardware, with a host of devices planned starting with the eagerly awaited tablet and, of course, 3D mobile phones.

There are, as yet, no plans to bring Galapagos to the UK, but it is an indication of the size of Sharp that it believes it can take on the likes of Korean giant Samsung and, of course, Apple.


The Galapagos tablet will bring the now-familiar Android operating system, and will be available in both a 10.8-inch version and a Streak-like 5.5 inch size which is akin to an oversized smartphone.

Price wise, the 10.8-inch model will apparently be somewhere around the £500 mark with the smaller version considerably less.

The tablet will reportedly not allow users to install their own software, but will run Sharp's own e-reader software and media player.

Sharp is hoping a tie-up with a major Japanese content owner will give them the lead in its home market, and has targeted one million sales for the tablet.

Whether that eventually leads to a global launch remains to be seen.

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