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Toshiba 320GB laptop drive coming soon

Toshiba's new 320GB laptop hard drive is set to be the largest 2.5-inch model on the market.

Although it's not even close to the 1TB research drive from Fujitsu that we saw recently, Toshiba's new laptop hard drive will definitely be the biggest when it goes on sale in November.

At 320GB, the 2.5-inch HDD will be the largest laptop drive in what is becoming an increasingly competitive market. As the amount of data users need to store increases with the spread of high-definition video and other multimedia, jumbo hard drives are making the move from the desktop to the portable arena.

Labelled the MK3252GSX, the new drive rotates at 7,200rpm and has a 16MB data buffer to keep transfer rates up. It also has a now-common accelerometer for detecting when it has been dropped and parking the drive head before impact to prevent damage to the platters.