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Fujitsu squeezes out first 1TB laptop drives

Fujitsu estimates 1 Terabyte laptop drives will by ready for production by 2010

If Fujitsu 's latest hard-drive research bears fruit, PC World reports that we could soon be looking at 2.5-inch drives capable of storing as much as 1.2TB each.

The breakthrough in cramming terabyte-class storage into laptop drives is courtesy of perpendicular recording combined with nanotechnology. This creates ordered, tightly packed 'nanoholes' capable of storing bits of information.

Fewer platters

The result is a higher density of data per unit of surface area and up to 1.2TB on just two 2.5-inch platters. By contrast, current 1TB 3.5-inch drives require five platters to reach that mark.

Fujitsu estimates the new drives will by ready for production by 2010, although it still has to address several issues, including warming the drive before writing and magnetic flux requirements.

In developing the new drive, various Fujitsu arms worked together with Japan's Kanagawa Academy of Science and Technology .