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EMI mini computer could be lifesaver

Paramedics can access medical data without any special equipment

In emergencies, a person's life can depend on doctors getting access to information about their medical history. EMI has developed a nifty card device with a built-in screen that displays medical information.

The credit card-sized EMI 911 rCard computer is easy to carry with you at all times. In case of an emergency situation, paramedics and doctors can quickly access possible allergies and conditions that will affect the choice of treatment methods.

There are already similar devices on the market, but EMI has added a self-powered LCD screen to its gadget. This means that paramedics can quickly access the data without having to carry any special equipment.

The 911 rCard can hold a person's medical history, special requirements and contact details, and are stored via a computer. Even in non-emergency situations, the card can be used to remind a person to take their medication, for example.

The system is so far only available in the US, where a unit costs $80 (£41). The software that protects and backs up the data on the card to a computer costs $20 (£10) per year after that.