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OLPC gets upgraded hardware

The OLPC project aims to provide children in developing nations with low-cost laptops

The One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project is all about offering notebook computers as cheaply and easily as possible to markets where buying standard computers is out of the question due to high costs.

Now, OLPC developers have given the hardware supplied in its machines a lookover. The OLPC computers' specifications have been upgraded to a more powerful processor, and increased storage capabilities.

The new specifications include an AMD Geode LX-700 processor running at 433MHz but with lower power usage, as well as doubled RAM and storage space, to 256MB and 1,024MB respectively.

The OLPC's 7.5-inch sunlight capable screen has a resolution of 1200 x 900 mono and 692 x 520 colour at 200dpi. It uses the draft 802.11s ESS mesh networking and also supports 802.11b/g. It still has three USB ports, stereo speakers, 30fps VGA webcam, SD memory card slot, and a microphone.