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Intel and Energy Star to help PC power thirst

The latest guidelines are not the first time Intel has forged a partnership with Energy Star

Top chip dog Intel has announced a tie-up with the US organisation responsible for energy efficiency in electronic kit. The partnership between Intel and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) aims to help system builders create ever-more energy efficient PCs.

The EPA certifies computing equipment under its Energy Star initiative - you'll almost certainly have seen its logo, a legendary sight on the BIOS screens of many machines. Intel says it has been working with Energy Star to firm up some guidelines for system builders.

It's certainly not the first time Intel has forged a partnership with Energy Star. Intel helped the organisation begin a voluntary labelling programme for PC kit back in 1992. Intel has also been on the receiving end of praise from Energy Star. Nope, not for the toasty Prescott iteration of the Pentium 4 but instead for developing a 71 per cent more efficient PC back in 2001.

The latest Energy Star specs come into effect from July and will replace the set last updated in 200. The idea of the latest specifications is to help system builders create energy-efficient systems. Using Intel silicon, of course...


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