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Microsoft will protect you from phishing – even if you're using Chrome

Windows Defender extension for Chrome

Microsoft is still pushing Edge as hard as possible, but as an uncharacteristic peace offering, it's released a new extension that brings the power of Windows Defender to those awkward people who still insist on using Chrome (or, worse still, a Mac).

The Windows Defender Browser Protection extension is available to download now from the Chrome Web Store. It guards against phishing and other malicious websites in real time.

If you accidentally navigate to a malware-laden site, or one designed to trick you into divulging personal information (no, we don't mean Facebook), the extension will alert you with a subtle red warning page and a huge 'back' button. There's no complicated setup – just an on/off toggle.

Defend yourself

The extension is powered by Microsoft's list of known malicious sites, which it keeps updated regularly as part of its main Windows Defender antivirus suite. There's no option to report malicious pages yourself, but that may arrive in a future update.

The Chrome extension is still new and Microsoft is soliciting comments from early adopters. To send your thoughts, click the button in the Chrome toolbar and select 'Send feedback'. 

Cat Ellis

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