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Mario teams up with the Rabbids for a Nintendo Switch exclusive

At Ubisoft's conference at E3 2017, the company's CEO Yves Guillemot was joined by veteran Nintendo developer Shigeru Miyamoto to announce Mario and Rabbids Kingdom Battle.

The game will feature characters from both franchises in a turn-based strategy experience that's different from Mario games that we've seen in the past. The game will be an exclusive for Nintendo's new console, the Nintendo Switch

Ubisoft has promised that the game will bring the humor of the Rabbids games into the world of Mario.

A demo shown during the conference showed off a battle from the game, which should look very familiar to anyone who's played games in the XCOM series, with characters working to flank their enemies and finish them off using special abilities and weapons. 

The game will be available on August 29, and it will be playable at Ubisoft's booth at the show this week. 

You can check out the game's first trailer below. 

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