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LG SIGNATURE Series: Where sophisticated looks match futuristic technologies

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Let’s face it – we’ve often been wowed by a stylish-looking car or a sleek new smartphone, but very rarely has a home appliance caught your attention. They’re usually bulky, boring, and painted a stunning shade of grey – hardly good talking points. 

But with the LG SIGNATURE collection, things are about to change. These aren’t just your normal home appliances – they’re cleverly-designed works of art that feature innovative design without compromising on technology.

Take the LG SIGNATURE Air Purifier for example. This futuristic-looking piece of home kit looks great in any room of your house, and doesn’t generate any loud noises while it works hard to purify your air. It also helps to keep moisture in the air at healthy levels – too many times the constant use of central air-conditioning can lead to quite dry air indoors, which in turn can lead to a number of health-related issues. 

Then there’s the LG SIGNATURE TwinWash which really does stand out against any other washing machine in the market. Gone are the rows of buttons and knobs that you have to press in order to get the wash cycle you need. 

Instead, you can navigate using the easy-to-use LCD display, with access to frequently used cycles. Of course the true advantage of the LG SIGNATURE TwinWash is the smaller secondary washer that’s perfect for smaller loads of laundry that need to be washed quickly or with care. 

It also helps that overall the LG SIGNATURE doesn’t look like an ordinary washing machine. Its clean lines and premium materials puts it a step above other machines, so no matter where it’s set up, it never becomes an eyesore.

You’d think there’s little that can be done with the simple refrigerator, until you look at the LG SIGNATURE InstaView Refrigerator, which takes the humble kitchen refrigerator and injects it with some much-needed sophistication. 

Gone are the days where you’d stare idly into the fridge trying to decide what you’d like to drink or snack on – just knock on the door to illuminate what’s inside before opening the door to grab it. It’s an appliance that you’ll be proud to have in your kitchen and flaunt to anyone that comes to visit.

Lastly there’s the truly iconic LG SIGNATURE OLED TV range, which will absolutely blow you away with its design and functionality. TVs have gotten thinner and thinner over the years, and this is no exception, but what makes the LG SIGNATURE OLED TV series so mesmerizing is its picture clarity. 

With 4K Cinema HDR, Dolby Vision, perfect black levels and much more, everything you watch on it will look incredible from any angle. Hang it on the wall and activate the Gallery mode to turn your TV into a framed work of art thanks to the thin bezels.

Pair it with the equally stunning soundbar packed revolutionary Dolby Atmos technology to enhance your audiovisual experience. Front and upward-firing speakers provide 360-degree sound, moving around the room to put you at the heart of your own cinematic experience and truly immerse you in the action.

There’s no doubt that LG’s SIGNATURE series boasts a multitude of technological enhancements, but the key factor for all of the appliances is that they don’t look like normal things you’d have in your home. 

It’s a delicate balance between form and functionality, with absolutely no compromise on quality. Whether you’re looking to improve the air quality in your home, or need a new TV to marvel at, the LG SIGNATURE series showcases innovative design that you’ll welcome with open arms.