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LG showcases 2018 OLED TV lineup in the UAE

Right before the World Cup kicks in, LG has launched it's range of highly desirable OLED TVs in the UAE. From what we've been told by LG, previous models of it's high-end Signature series have had record sales with UAE being amongst the top countries in the world buying these premium OLED sets.

It thus makes perfect sense for LG to release it's 2018 lineup for it's high-end OLED TVs and it did so today- a couple of weeks after it's rival Samsung showcased its new models for the year as well.

There are four different models LG is releasing with OLED panels and we thought it might be beneficial for most folks to see this line-up on paper, from the very high-end OLEDs to the more affordable ones. 

LG 2018 TV technology 

The biggest change for the OLED line-up is the switch from the M16+ processor to something LG is calling the “Alpha 9” processor. 

The Alpha 9 silicon upgrade promises a 35% boost in CPU and GPU speeds which equates to smoother motion handling, object-based contrast enhancement for better sharpness and detailing and a technology called True Color Accuracy Pro. 

True Color Accuracy Pro replaces last year’s True Color Accuracy technology that, according to LG’s internal tests, provides 7.3 times the amount of data points for color. Now, because LG still plans on using 10-bit panels, there might not be as massive difference between the resulting images.

LG is also touting High Frame Rate (HFR, 120/4K) through broadcasts and streaming as well. An LG representative said the TVs won’t come equipped with HDMI 2.1 ports (the spec wasn’t finalized in time) but the TV should be able to do 120/4K via streaming websites like Netflix, YouTube, BBC, FOX Sports and Amazon and broadcasts … when broadcasters start putting out 4K HFR signal.

Noise-reduction was another feature the company was keen to talk up. It's using a four step process to remove the kind of picture grain that can plague low quality images, while most other TV companies - it claims - only use two. 

With AI being the technological buzzword right now, you'll be unsurprised to hear that LG's OLED range will have AI functionality embedded in the sets. Thanks to its ThinQ AI, LG TV viewers will be able to speak directly into their remote controls in order to discover real-time information and move between channels. LG says users will be able to say “search for this movie’s soundtrack” or “turn off the TV when this program is over” without repeating the program’s title or specifying a time.

LG ThinQ TVs will now essentially be smart home hubs, able to access other smart home devices like air conditioners/purifiers, smart lights, smart speakers and many other devices that connect to the TV via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

The other new addition to LG TVs in 2018 will be Google Assistant, which will now be integrated into webOS. Google Assistant on webOS will be capable of switching inputs via your voice, as well as change the channel. Full integration with other Google services such as Google Photos and Google Maps is also promised, so you can get your information from the largest screen in your house. 

Pictured: LG OLED W8

Pictured: LG OLED W8

LG OLED 2018 Models 

LG OLED W8 (available in 77- and 65-inch sizes)

At the head of the proverbial table sits the LG OLED W8 - an incremental upgrade on 2017’s Signature Series W7 OLED. According to LG, it will feature a similar “picture-on-wall” design that the W7 had last year, in addition to a new “Alpha 9” processor, 4K Cinema HDR and High Frame Rate (HFR). Also, expect a 60-watt 4.2 Dolby Atmos soundbar and Google Assistant integration in webOS. It is the most expensive set in this line up with prices starting at AED 49,999.

LG OLED E8 (available in 65- and 55-inch sizes)

According to the specs, the E8 will be almost identical to the W7, but will instead have a traditional chassis in lieu of the picture frame-esque visage of the W8. Prices for E8 will start at AED 9,999.

LG OLED C8 (available in 77-, 65- and 55-inch sizes)

The LG OLED C7 was one of our favorite TVs of 2017 as it nearly perfectly balanced performance and price. The 2018 C8 OLED will have much of what made the C7 so great but, like the W8/E8, include the new next-gen processor. Prices for the C8 series will start at AED 8,999.

LG OLED B8 (available in 65- and 55-inch sizes)
The biggest disappointment of LG’s 2018 line-up, in our early opinion at least, is the new B8. Instead of getting the new Alpha 9 processor like its peers, the B8 is getting something that LG referred to as its "Alpha 7" processor. Picture quality won’t look as sharp or as vibrant as they will on the C8, E8 and W8 TVs. That being said, it will be the most affordable OLED TV from LG this year with prices starting at AED 7,999.

The LG 2018 OLED models are now available in the UAE at major stores, online retailers, and LG Brand Shops.

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