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YouTube trial lets you choose the adverts

Unforunately, the ad choice doesn't expand to 'no thanks'
Unforunately, the ad choice doesn't expand to 'no thanks'

YouTube has announced it is to give users of the website more control of how to watch adverts on the site.

In a blog post, the website showed off its new options but did re-iterate that the adverts will only show up on a "small percentage of videos".

Essentially, if you click one of these 'promoted' videos you will be given the choice of pre-, mid-, and post-roll advertising (in non-marketing spiel this means before, during or after).

Thanks for the ad

The blog has revealed that this is just a test at first to see how the public react to the advertising.

Google, the owner of YouTube, has been debating for some time now how best to get YouTube into a profitable state. The website may be insanely popular, but the lack of exclusive premium content on the site has been a turn-off for some advertisers.

It will be interesting to see how the tests turn out, considering many consumers believe that where the ads are on the video doesn't detract from how annoying compulsory advertising can be.

Via Cnet

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