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YouTube to premiere Luc Besson movie

Home comes to YouTube 5 June
Home comes to YouTube 5 June

Luc Besson, the famed French director of Fifth Element and Leon, is to premier his latest movie on YouTube this week – a move likely to impress online advertisers.

For some time now, YouTube has been trying to steer itself away from its user-generated content beginnings.

This is mainly due to advertisers' reticence towards UGC, preferring premium content to latch their ads on to.

Home on YouTube

The movie produced by Besson is Home, a 52-minute film about the environment.

It is due to premiere 5 June, and is being touted as the first time a film has been released in over 50 countries simultaneously in the cinema, on TV, DVD and on the internet.

Speaking to Bloomberg News about the forthcoming movie premiere, Anthony Zameczkowski, Development Manager for YouTube in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, explained: "We're more than just dogs on skateboards. With us, you have the ability to reach 350 million unique users a month."

Marc Chacksfield

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