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YouTube now gives users 15 minutes of fame

YouTube - now even longer
YouTube - now even longer

YouTube has made a significant change to its site this week, upping the time limit for videos to 15 minutes.

This means that users can now upload longer videos to the site for free, instead of having to sign up for a premium account.

One of the main reasons YouTube has decided on now to up the limit is because of some back-end changes it has made to the site.

Content is king

This includes a massive refresh of YouTube's Content ID system, which means that now copyright on the site is more or less sorted, they have the cash from music labels and movie studios to make some significant improvements.

In a nod to Warhol, the site will be offering users a chance to get their 15 minutes of fame, by entering videos with the tag 'yt15minutes'.

If your video is chosen then you will be featured on the front page. We're sure the pop art master would have approved.

Marc Chacksfield

Marc Chacksfield is the Editor In Chief, at DC Thomson. He started out life as a movie writer for numerous (now defunct) magazines and soon found himself online - editing a gaggle of gadget sites, including TechRadar, Digital Camera World and Tom's Guide UK. At Shortlist you'll find him mostly writing about movies and tech, so no change there then.