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YouTube getting rid of 15-minute video limit

YouTube - changing its ways
YouTube - changing its ways

YouTube has revealed that the 15-minute limit for non-premium content on the site is being lifted, with select users allowed to take advantage of the change.

YouTube's time limit has been in place since the site began back in 2006 and has stopped indie filmmakers and the like from uploading movies without going through the official channels.

Commercially, the 15-minute limit has been relaxed for professional outlets like National Geographic and 4OD.

New YouTube limits

The main reason that YouTube has been able to relax the limit is because it seems to have got its copyright problems under control, so even though it will be possible for users to upload pirated movies, measures are in place to make sure this won't happen.

For the moment the new video upload limits will only be offered to those who have never flouted copyright laws.

Via Engadget and NY Times

Marc Chacksfield

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