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YouTube adds 'Twitter like' real-time search

YouTube keeps it real
YouTube keeps it real

YouTube has added real-time search to its comments engine, meaning users can search to see if their favourite subjects are being talked about.

Real-time search is still in its infancy on the web, but some are predicting that it will be the internet's 'next big thing'. Search engines such as OneRiot already chart popular searches to keep you right up to date with events.

Twitter already utilises real-time search, where users can search Tweets for certain keywords.

YouTube's new comments search works in a similar way. Essentially you can look at what people are talking about in real-time.

Comment, please

It's interesting that YouTube has decided to add this feature to its comments section, as most of the comments on videos are either filled with vitriol about what they have just seen or absolute gushing praise.

So, when you do use the search, don't expect the most literate of comments.

Surprisingly, YouTube hasn't made an official announcement about the new search option – with ReadWriteWeb being the eagle-eyed site that spotted it.

Go to to see it in action.

Via ReadWriteWeb

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