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YouTube about to reveal new original content channels?

YouTube about to reveal new original content channels?
Broadcast yourself, and anyone else that happens to be near by

YouTube could be about to unveil a number of new channels that will be populated with completely original content and video programmes.

A source has revealed to the Wall Street Journal that Google has "a slew" of partnerships now in place, with both media production companies and "well-known personalities" - presumably these will include bona fide celebrities and not just YouTube stars.

A YouTube spokesperson said that it is "always talking to content creators and curators of all kinds about building audiences on YouTube," but wouldn't be drawn on any specific new plans, which the WSJ posits will be unveiled as early as next week.

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It's not a game that Google is playing lightly, having apparently laid down more than $100 million to get content creators on board, hoping to make this money back through advertising – income from which will be split with the creative partners.

The site itself may get a bit of an overhaul too, with the sources claiming that YouTube will be "reorganised" to become "channel-centric", with on-demand video available alongside original programmes.

Sounds a bit like something we once knew as broadcast television.

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