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Yahoo isn't Xobni about where it spends its money


While folks in the States are shopping for 4th of July franks and fireworks, Yahoo is on a bit of buying spree itself.

After announcing it picked up short movie-maker Qwiki for a reported $40 million to $50 million (about £26m-£33m / AU$44m-$55m), Marissa Mayer's today charge slurped up email management firm Xobni.

According to TechCrunch, the startup went for around $60 million-plus, or about £39.2m/AU$66.2m. Xobni, or "inbox" backwards, makes products that specialize in contact management, organizing communication history (emails, social media, SMS, calls) into automated profiles.

Yahoo is likely looking for ways to bolster its mail and productivity offerings. Oohay.

Xobni (gesundheit) outlined what changes are afoot for its subscribers and services, with support ending for all in 2014. For its part, Yahoo remains quiet on what the future holds, but Gmail and Outlook may want to keep their wits about them.

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Michelle Fitzsimmons

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