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X-Factor US will allow voting by Twitter

X-Factor US will allow voting by Twitter
X-Factor US will allow voting by Twitter

In an interesting move, the US version of X-Factor is going to allow people to cast their votes via Twitter.

According to Deadline, the next episode of X-Factor US will allow people to send a direct message to vote for their favourite.

Social networks have been a major, ahem, factor in the talent competition for years – with people sharing their thoughts and feelings on their favourites or, more venomously, their most hated contestants.

Revenue streams

However, using Twitter as a direct voting mechanism is a bit of a turn up for the books, allowing fans not just to comment but to actually make a difference.

This is a scheme that is likely to go down well with a big swathes of the shows demographic, although it would, of course, potentially cut down on the revenue streams generated by text messaging or calls.

TechRadar has assiduously chased whether the UK version will be considering something similar, but we're yet to hear back from production company TalkBack Thames.

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