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Wikileaks' next release is 7x bigger than Iraq War Logs

Wikileaks new release to be substantial
Wikileaks new release to be substantial

The folks behind Wikileaks have announced that they are sitting on a huge payload of leaked information, which when released will be seven times bigger than the Iraq War Logs.

This tidbit of information was released on Twitter by the website – although details of what information Wikileaks is sitting on is unknown, the tweet does mention that there has been "intense pressure" surrounding what it has.

Leak war

The Iraq War Logs were released by the whistle-blowing website back in July and caused such uproar that the White House released a statement condemning the information in the logs.

Given that there were hundreds of thousands of files in the Iraq War Logs, this new leak will be pretty devastating.

The full Twitter post reads: "Next release is 7x the size of the Iraq War Logs. Intense pressure over it for months. Keep us strong".

This is followed by a link to the website's donation page.

Via MacWorld

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