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Why do people use the internet? Because kittens, says web inventor

Grumpy cat
Would it be the internet without Grumpy Cat?

Happy birthday, world wide web! You information superhighway, you bastion of comments and ... kittens?

Yes, fuzzy baby felines are apparently one of the primary, and unexpected, reasons people jump on the net, according to its inventor.

"What was one of the things you never though the internet would be used for, but has actually become one of the main reasons people use the internet?" asked a Redditor of Tim Berners-Lee, who hosted an AMA earlier today.

"Kittens," was his dry and likely tongue-in-cheek response. Still, he's probably not far off the mark.

More blips!

OK, we can't give you kittens, but we can give you more blips.

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