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Twitter turns travel guide in new expert forum

Twitter now does double duty as an online travel guide

Microblogging website Twitter can be many things to many people (assuming they actually use it after signing up), but we had no idea it could be turned into a fascinating online travel guide.

That's precisely what the founders of Japan Discovered have done using a combination of Twitter and the tweet-filtering tool Tweetizen.

Tweet and go

The result is a Twitter-based online discussion that goes live every Friday at noon, Japan time, where hosts Honor Dargan and Shane Sakata dispense pearls of wisdom about travel to and around their adopted home country.

Participants need only turn up at the appointed time - or in advance if they can't make it - and tweet questions from their existing Twitter accounts to get answers from the pair's mental library of Japan-related information.

Why Twitter?

But why use Twitter at all? Brit Dargan explains: "It's one of the fastest and easiest ways to communicate information. Twitter offers the closest thing that we could find to having a real conversation with people looking for Japan travel advice."

So, next time you need pointers on distinguishing sushi from sashimi or tengu from kappa, hit the Japan Discovered site and join the chat. Trust us - it's really a lot less nerdy than it sounds.