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Twitter founder rails against business plans

Twitter fail whale
Twitter's founder says traditional business plans are a great big fail

In a story to warm the cockles of those of us tired of cynical marketing ploys, Twitter's founder has denounced "MBA business plans" in favour of producing a service real people actually want.

Speaking to the Online News Association's gathering in San Francisco, Twitter co-founder Evan Williams defended his company's lack of income, pointing out that the bottom line isn't everything.

What you want to see

We'll surely hear plenty more of Williams' rather surprising mantra: "Create something that you want to see in the world, not what some MBA brandishing a business plan suggests."

He also told the conference, which ended on Saturday, that the recent $100 million (£63 million) funding injection doesn't put him under undue pressure to make Twitter profitable.

"I am motivated by the world telling me I am going to fail," he said.

To avoid that scenario, Williams discussed new and imminent Twitter functions, including Twitter Lists, a developers' tool and a better microblog search engine.