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Twitter deal with both Google and Microsoft?

Twitter may be looking to tap into the search-advertising market

It's Saturday already, so clearly we have to bring you the latest news on microblogging media starlet Twitter's dreams of making millions - and this one's a keeper.

According to Wall Street Journal, Twitter's management are exchanging ideas – presumably, of more than 140 characters each - about teaming up with not just Microsoft, but also Google as well.

Real-time search

The story goes that Twitter will licence its data feed of user-generated content to one or both of the internet behemoths for use in their search engines, thereby neatly improving traditional search results and opening the door to profit for Twitter.

That is most likely to come in the shape of a share of advertising revenue from placements on search-result pages, although so far no one involved with any of the three parties has had anything to say about the talks.