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Stephen Wolfram to answer queries himself

Stephen Wolfram live web chat tomorrow!
Stephen Wolfram live web chat tomorrow!

Stephen Wolfram has announced a live Q&A session about his new computational knowledge engine, WolframAlpha.

From 10pm tomorrow (Thursday 4 June), Wolfram will respond online to some of the "tens of thousands of comments, suggestions and questions" users have submitted about WolframAlpha.

If you have a question that you would like British-born computer scientist Wolfram to address, you should leave it as a comment on the Wolfram Research blog, here.

Parlez-vous Wolfram?

Browsing some of the existing comments, you might be lucky enough to hear Wolfram explain WolframAlpha's lack of data on crop circles and minimal programming languages, give a time frame for versions of the engine in different languages or reveal the number of electrons in the universe (hint: it's more than 100).

Alternatively, according to the blog: "He'll discuss the problems, the fixes, the future, and more." Which on the whole sounds more useful, if a little less interesting.

You can tune in to the webcast at, and the company also promises the opportunity to ask questions live and direct.

WolframAlpha has parsed well over 100 million queries since it launched two weeks ago, with Wolfram claiming a 75 per cent success rate in delivering results that users were seeking.