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Single-letter domains auctioned off, raise a pretty penny

Single-letter domains auctioned off, cost a pretty penny
Wonder who got

Nominet has auctioned off its one- and two-letter domain names, with twelve of the single letter addresses netting an average of £39,000 each.

Google was reportedly gunning for, but it went instead to internet investment firm Any-Web, which paid a "high five-digit" sum for the G address, according to the Financial Times.

Facebook had more luck picking up, while Mercedez Benz nabbed and H&M grabbed

Supermarket sweep

Any-Web wasn't just in it for the Gs though: it spent a reported £500,000 on 170 domains for future business opportunities.

But if there's one thing you can rely on geeks to get geeky about, it's the internet: it seems that a number of domain name enthusiasts also bid on domains simply to bolster their collections.

The auction of 2,831 web addresses raised over £3 million for the Nominet Trust, a charity that promotes online safety and works to increase access to the internet across Britain.

Via Financial Times,

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