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Parents reckon tech makes family life better

The BT survey suggests parents believe familiy life is improving becuase of technology

Most parents in the UK feel their family lives have improved significantly thanks to modern technology, especially the internet. That's according to research released by BT today.

Some 76 per cent of parents claimed peace of mind from the accessibility of information on the internet, with 57 per cent of parents believing the web has helped improve their children's grades at school.

Two thirds said the net made life easier with services like online banking and internet shopping.

A majority of parents - 63 per cent - said the instantaneous nature of the internet makes it easier to bear the heartache of their kids leaving home, with 47 per cent praising the frequent nature of email. 40 per cent said the internet makes it easier to keep in touch with loved ones.

Emma Sanderson, a director at BT Retail said: "People, particularly children, are increasingly using the internet to keep in touch and share information. This expands their horizons immeasurably, allowing them to meet people and access resources across the globe."

The study, carried out by the Consumer Analysis Group , also claims there are more radios in UK homes than there are bikes, and that 90 per cent of families own games consoles.