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Now you can embed Google Maps on your blog

You can now embed Google Maps in your website or blog

Google Maps has come up with a new way to incorporate its maps into your blog or website. According to the Google Blog, you can simply cut and paste a snippet of HTML in much the same way as you'd embed a button, YouTube video or other applet. Prior to this you would need an API key or knowledge of Java Script to put a Google Map in your website or blog.

To embed a Google Map, simply pull up the map you want to embed - it can be a location, a business, driving directions or a My Map you have created. Then click the 'Link to this page' button and copy and paste the HTML into your website or blog.

Simple as that. According to Google, the embedded map is fully interactive, like the Google Maps API, but creating one does not require any programming skills. Users can drag and click or zoom in on a location, and view it in map, satellite and hybrid modes.


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