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Now Playing: Twitter Music charts show up on Rdio

Now Playing: Twitter Music charts show up on Rdio
Can Twitter Music prove more useful within existing services?

Twitter seems to be adopting a new strategy when it comes to its Music service. Rather than trying lure folks to listen to trending music through its own apps and websites, it is bringing the charts to the people.

Following the launch of a dedicated Spotify app last week, Twitter Music has now arrived within Rdio, allowing users of the streaming platform to subscribe to the various playlists.

Rdio users can follow the usual Superstars, Popular, Emerging and Hunted categories, while also signing up for genre-specific playlists like Rock, Country, etc.

The rolling nature of the playlists means they'll continually refresh, giving users an opportunity to listen to the music making waves on Twitter, on the blogs and more.

Added value

Twitter Music has struggled to gain traction since its launch earlier this year, but its appearance within Spotify and now Rdio could allow it to become more valuable than it is as a standalone service.

The idea of crowd-sourcing Twitter data into playlists has always been a good one, but perhaps the service is more valuable within existing services already being consumed by the masses, rather than a standalone effort.