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MTV: 'Music videos for everyone!' will soon play host to a broad range of the channel's music videos

MTV will be making the vast majority of its music videos available online for free, according to USA Today . The network will be putting its videos onto all of its websites for users to download and use on their own blogs and sites.

"We need to open up our websites and content, both for consumers and for other companies," said Mika Salmi, MTV Networks' president of global digital media. This will involve "allowing people to take our content and embed it, and make their own things out of it, whatever they want."

MTV is currently at a stalemate with YouTube over licensing rights for the website to legally host the network's content. It's thought that MTV's strategy is to reap the benefits of sites like YouTube and MySpace , but with greater control of the output.

It's not the first time MTV parent company Viacom has allowed its content to be used by the public. Subsidiary Comedy Central allows users to embed its content into their own amateur videos.