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Most Twitter users stuck for something to say

Twitter users seem to be awfully quiet, according to a new study

If you feel Twitter gets far more attention than its impact really merits, then a new study showing it's really just filled with a tiny group of blow-hards will be welcome ammunition.

The Harvard Business School study of 300,000 randomly chosen Twitter users found that 10 per cent of users generate 90 per cent of the content on the microblogging site.

Lifetime tweets

Moreover, over half of the site's users struggle to muster a single post in more than two months of membership. Even then, the median number of posts per user is just one over the entire span of their membership.

Lead researcher Mikolaj Jan Piskorski cautioned against placing too much faith in the site.

"If you're trying to get what a representative cross-section of the public is thinking, you're probably better off staying away from Twitter," he told Reuters.

Millions saying nothing?

With news like that, it's a wonder what the seven million or so monthly visitors to the Twitter website find to talk about.