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Microsoft pays out another $100 million fine

Internet Explorer
For a free piece of software, Internet Explorer seems to cause Microsoft an awful lot of hassle

To the recent case of Amazon having to fork out millions just to put an end to legal action we can add yet another Microsoft payout - this time of monstrous proportions.

The latest antitrust suit against Microsoft ended last week with the company having to pay $100 million (£61 million) to the state of Mississippi over Internet Explorer issues.

Individuals to benefit

Nine years after a US federal court decided Microsoft was abusing its monopoly position by including Internet Explorer with Windows, the final state case seeking redress has been settled.

The result will see 40 per cent of the cash in Mississippi state hands and the remainder going to individuals, schools and businesses.

Underlining, perhaps, the slightly grabby nature of the claim, Mississippi's attorney general blurted: "The money that will be going into the state coffers will really help in this economically challenged time."